TCM Warming Therapy (Modern Moxibustion) is the application of infrared heat to specific acupuncture points and meridians on the body. By warming and invigorating the body’s vital energy, it can enhance immunity to prevent and treating certain illness, as well as strengthening the body’s vitality. It is a smokeless, noninvasive, no pain and considered as a generally safe therapy without the concerns of inducing serious burns and blisters.

[Benefits] Moxibustion, warm scrapping, cupping, tuina, magnetic therapy, infrared heat therapy.

[Scope of treatments] Sensitive to cold, headache, neck-shoulder stiffness and pain, lower back and joints pain caused by cold, diarrhea, insomnia, dysmenorrhea, suboptimal health status.

[Effectiveness] Promote blood circulation, speed up the elimination of metabolic wastes, enhance immunity and healing system, anti-aging, reduce fatigue and increase vitality.