Moxibustion, or moxa therapy, is a form of heat therapy in which the physician burns dried leaves of a plant called 'moxa' and applies them on particular acupoints near the surface of a patient's skin. Moxibustion releases the flow of Qi in the body and stimulates blood circulation, helping patients regain their energy and reduce persisting pain.

Pain management
Benefitting people suffering from different types of pain, the increased flow of blood and lymph is activated throughout the body, reducing pain and inflammation.
Enhanced immune system
Researches have indicated its ability to boost the immune system, which leads to lower exposure to viruses and shortened duration of colds.
Relief from arthritic pain
The varying severity of arthritic pain causes extreme discomfort. The warm sensation of moxibustion relieves symptoms associated with arthritis, such as joint stiffness and joint pain.
Quicker injury healing process
Improved blood flow to specific body areas that experience pain or injury will reduce their healing times and induce noticeably better mobility.
Improved women's health
By stimulating blood flow to reproductive organs, it contributes to the prevention and control of intense menstrual irregularities and pain as well as fertility problems.
Natural headache remedy
The relaxation of muscles in the neck-shoulder area in moxibustion contributes to the alleviation and treatment of terrible headaches and intense migraines.
Improvement to gastrointestinal issues
Moxibustion has a beneficial effect on the recovery of gastrointestinal issues such as abdominal pain, diarrhoea, and constipation.