Unlike other treatment approaches that take a singular focus on fertility, TCM holistically seeks out imbalances in the body to aid blood flow to reproductive organs and stabilise hormonal levels, ensuring it is in peak condition to welcome new life.

Tailored and shifted to meet personal needs

We design a treatment plan unique to individual needs using traditional diagnostic methods that detect energy (Qi) deficiency and poor blood circulation in the body. We also tackle lifestyle alterations like diet, stress management, exercise, and sleep improvement to optimise fertility.

Synergising with western medicine

On numerous occasions, TCM is used to treat infertility in tandem with IUI and IVF treatments. Studies have determined that this coaction has demonstrated beneficial effects that have led to increased rates of conception.

Goals of treatment

TCM treats infertility with its ability to:

  • Regulate energy (Qi) flow through the body
  • Stabilise hormonal levels
  • Reduce blood stagnation
  • Vitalise the function of the ovaries
  • Improve menstrual irregularities
  • Decrease the possibility of miscarriage
  • Alleviate psychological issues