After a rigorous journey of labour and childbirth, women need to recuperate and heal during a confinement period of typically 28 days to avoid postpartum illnesses and conditions linked to qi and blood deficiency, emotional imbalance, or improper diet. In TCM, we ensure these three aspects are taken care of.

Postpartum care

In a mother's postpartum therapy, we study and identify her condition and consider all individual concerns or requirements. We then address these with personalised recovery plan managed through a combination of massage therapy, herbal treatment, and lifestyle management.

Dietary and nutrition

After childbirth, a mother's body is weakened due to Qi and blood loss; hence, confinement meals restore balance to her body. To this, we devise a personalised dietary plan formulated on health and body constitution.

Emotional wellness

When a mother's Qi and blood deplete and her body weakens, with the added pressure of breastfeeding on her shoulders – mental exhaustion, burnout, restlessness, and frustration will kick in. We believe that achieving emotional balance and overcoming postpartum depression is key to complete recovery.