Cupping is an ancient form of bodywork therapy that entails a physician putting a plastic cup on the skin to create a suction that breaks open tiny blood vessels under the skin, which results in red or purple marks where the cup is placed. The therapy helps remove the stagnation that may result from congested blood in a specific body part.

Helps reduce muscle pain
Cupping encourages blood flow to certain muscle areas and targets pain-prone areas of the body, flushing out inflammation and releasing trigger points.
Assists with respiratory issues
Boosting the immune system to fight off infections, cupping benefits the body as it breaks up congestion and phlegm in the lungs and upper respiratory tract, preventing allergies, colds, and more.
Improves skin attributes
The removal of blockages in the body detoxifies and removes pathogens that cause skin conditions, helps reduce inflammation, reduces the appearance of acne, and contributes to better-looking skin.
Anti-ageing benefits
The natural anti-ageing benefits that cupping offers stem from its ability to improve the skin's texture, doing wonders in combating the signs of ageing.
Increased energy levels
While cupping eliminates toxins from the body, it does the same to negative energy from within, leaving patients experiencing stress and fatigue more energised and revitalised.