Women have physiological structures like uteri, ovaries, and breasts that affect menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, lactation, and menopause. Gynaecology in TCM comprises theories and techniques of Chinese medicine to treat and prevent menstrual, reproductive, and menopausal disorders.

Menstrual regulation

We address menstrual irregularities and their accompanying signs or symptoms, as regulating the menstrual cycle will lead to positive fertility outcomes, increased conception rates, and reflect the patient's overall health and vitality.

Pregnancy care

Expectant mothers will experience significant hormonal changes that trigger emotional responses, changes in body shape, and inevitable nausea. Our experienced physicians use a combination of TCM specialities and herbal formulations to treat imbalance or discomfort during pregnancy.

Menopause relief

Women experiencing menopause will face multiple symptoms that are physically and emotionally draining. In TCM, herbal treatment is used in tandem with acupuncture to nourish Yin, clear heat, and promote hormonal balance.