Modern Moxibustion involves both heat and scrapping therapy in which the physician will use an electronic device to perform the procedure as detox and warming therapy to improve overall well-being.

With the help of aromatherapy oils, it releases the flow of Qi in the body and stimulate blood circulation, helping to regain energy and promote relaxation. 

Relief from pain 
The varying severity of pain causes extreme discomfort. The warm sensation of moxibustion relieves pain symptoms such as menstrual cramps, muscle and joint pain. 
Accelerates injury healing process 
Improving blood flow to specific body areas that experience pain or injury will reduce their healing times and induce noticeably better mobility. 
Anti-ageing benefits 
The natural anti-ageing benefits that cupping and meridian massage offer stem from their ability to improve the skin's texture, enhancing the connectivity of vital organs and meridians, doing wonders in combating the signs of ageing at its root. 
Speeds up elimination of metabolic waste (detox) 
While it eliminates toxins from the body, it does the same to negative energy from within, leaving patients experiencing stress and fatigue, more energised and revitalised, which helps in chronic fatigue syndrome and weight management.
Relieves mood disorders, stress, and fatigue 
Improper balance of hormones in the body leads to mood changes resulting in physical, mental and emotional stress. It restores balance, improve sleeping quality and has a therapeutic effect on these mood disorders. 
Tonifies the deficiency of Yang Qi 
Relieving the coolness and dampness in TCM perspective, effectively unblock ingthe meridians and channels, warming up the body and increasing vitality by tonifying the Yang Qi deficiency.