Tuina, or Chinese bodywork, is a special form of massage therapy that utilises techniques unique to Chinese medicine, stimulating areas along specific inner pathways. It promotes Qi flow and distribution and blocks out negative tension and poor health in the body.

Relaxes joint or muscle pain
Tuina is a gentle form of treatment that does not over-exert pressure on any body parts. It serves as a therapeutic muscle-relaxant that alleviates patients' pain and discomfort within the joints or muscles by redirecting Qi flow to all body parts, getting it to heal faster while reducing the pain sensation.
Soothes headaches
Stress and tension from life's struggles could result in occasional headaches that are hard to shake off. As headaches are often a result of excess energy in one's head, Tuina helps to promote energy circulation that brings significant relief from this bothersome pain.
Cures insomnia
Good sleep is a major part of good health. However, when physical or mental stress kicks in, one may have trouble sleeping. Tuina works with particular acupressure points to calm active energy in the body, helping them unwind and get a good night's rest.
Relieves mood disorders and stress
Improper balance of chemicals in the body leads to mood changes resulting in mental and emotional stress. Tuina is a practical way to restore balance and has a therapeutic effect on these mood disorders.