Dry needling is a form of therapy for muscle pain treatment in which the physician places the needles in trigger points situated in the muscle or the tissue. Depending on the type of pain and how long it has lasted, the depth and period of time in which the needles are placed vary. The therapy treats injuries and provides relief from muscular problems that may restrict everyday activities.

Eases tight muscles
A dry needling therapy mainly benefits muscle pain relief and relaxation. Physicians will identify and treat trigger points with needles, effectively resetting the muscles to normal and restoring their regular length.
Improves blood circulation
The pain and discomfort of tight muscles could transfer pain to other body parts. As the tense muscles relax and release, blood circulation in the body is activated by the needles.
Releases neurotransmitters to decrease pain
The body is activated to release neurotransmitters in the central nervous system, which block the transmission of pain messages to the brain and spinal cord.
Allows better mobility
Muscle pain and tightness limit the range of motion, which can be improved with the therapy. It impacts blood circulation, releases trigger points, and reduces pain, leading to better mobility.
Relieves acute and chronic pain
Acute and chronic pain can cause unbearable discomfort and inconvenience. Dry needling promotes healing after a serious injury and grants the ability to move with less pain.